The World’s Only Comic-Drawing Games!

NOVEMBER 16, 2017 – Announcing a new game from the makers of Mangaka… Cartooner!

Mangaka: The Fast & Furious Game of Drawing Comics and Cartooner are two of a kind: the world’s only comic-drawing games! Cartooner and Mangaka are fun, fast-paced games that let everyone experience the thrill of creating comics and coming up with stories — no drawing skill required!

Create comics and compete for Fame over 4 rounds of fast-paced, timed drawing! Start by drawing three Theme Cards (from a deck of 136) to determine the subject of your comic. Then, you and the other players must draw comics about your Themes before time runs out. Fleeting Trend Cards add another dimension of strategy: your fickle readers this round may demand Science Fiction, Shojo Manga and Otaku themes (from Mangaka) or Superheroes, Funny Animals and Noir (from Cartooner).

With 52 Trend cards in each game, each bringing different victory conditions, each game is different. Each round brings more Panels to draw and Trends to chase than the round before. Since you’re never judged on how well you can draw, it’s not about who’s the best artist… it’s about how you play the game! When the final round ends, the winner is the one with the most Fame Tokens, but every player ends the game with a comic of their own creation.

In Spring 2017, we brought Mangaka to the world with the help of Japanime Games and our Kickstarter backers. Now, in November 2017, we present our new game, Cartooner! A standalone game, Cartooner can be played by itself or as a completely backwards-compatible expansion for Mangaka. Play one, the other or both, and mix the Themes and Trends of the world’s two biggest comic markets!

Designed by spouses Jason Thompson and Jumana Al Hashal, Cartooner and Mangaka feature great art by two amazing artists: Eric “Woof” Muentes (Mangaka) and Konstantin Pogorelov (Cartooner). Check out Konstantin’s Instagram for more sketches and fully painted art from Cartooner as our Kickstarter campaign continues!

Originally funded on Kickstarter, Mangaka is available now from from Mock Man Press and our awesome partners at Japanime Games here. And please support our Kickstarter for Cartooner!

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* Konstantin Pogorelov Instagram (artist for Cartooner)
* Jumana Al Hashal Instagram (codesigner for Cartooner)

* 1 to 8 players
* 45-90 minutes (based on number of players)
* ages 12 and up

“Mangaka is a keeper.…While I’m not a skilled artist, my kids and I love drawing and storytelling. Sharing the comics and laughing with each other’s jokes and drawing (or lack of drawing) skill was a great family experience.”—Ryan Hiller, Geekdad

“A hell of a lot of fun…Makes drawing and sharing comics with your friends a real joy and a hilarious competition.”—Jonathan Bolding, The Escapist

“It was one of the best games I ever played…It’s super cool!”—Jadah, 8th grader

Check out this Mangaka playthrough by Loading Ready Live!

P.S. Already used up all the drawing paper in the basic game? Click here to download and print extra Mangaka drawing paper for free!