The Team

jason-altJason Bradley Thompson (game designer) is a comics creator (King of RPGs), illustrator (DreamQuest of Unknown Kadath), storyboard artist (Minions 2) and tabletop gamer. He worked for over 10 years as an editor for Viz, America’s largest Japanese comics publisher, and wrote the book “Manga: The Complete Guide” for Random House. He also draws maps of classic Dungeons & Dragons adventures. He is currently working on an original tabletop RPG, “Dreamland.”



Jumana Al Hashal (game designer, producer) is an engineer, and artist. She grew up with the cartoons of Naji Al-Ali and Emad Hajjaj in Jordan. She first fell in love with American comics at her first job after moving to the US, stocking the comics section in a small MN bookstore. Her favorite series is Gaiman’s Sandman. When not roleplaying a dragonborn paladin at night or building our new robot overlords during the day, she likes playing boardgames like Wiz-War and Dixit, and mobile games like Deep Town.


Konstantin Pogorelov (cover and interior artist, Cartooner) is a game connoisseur. Born in the Ukraine and raised in Spain. He now plays and makes all sorts of games in San Francisco. He is currently working on a skating themed mobile game. His favorite American comic series is Heliosphere, his favorite tabletop boardgame is Game of Thrones, and his all-time favorite video game is Star Control 2. He also plays a Kemeti wizard in our D&D campaign.



Eric Muentes (interior artist, Mangaka) is a freelance illustrator and game designer. His work includes story, art direction and lead pixel art for the game Blue Revolver.





Ike (cover artist, Mangaka) is a manga artist and illustrator. His work includes the manga series Nekomusume Michikusa Nikki, as well as the illustrations for the tabletop RPG Golden Sky Stories.