Mangaka is a new experience in drawing games, featuring beautiful card artwork by great artists from America and Japan! Designed by Jason Thompson (author of Manga: The Complete Guide) Mangaka is a fast-paced storytelling game which you can still win even if you’ve never drawn a stick figure in your life!

Kickstarted in 2015 and released by Japanime Games in 2016, Mangaka is a new twist on creative games with an anime & manga theme. Featuring beautiful artwork by Ike (Golden Sky Stories) and Eric “Woof” Muentes (Blue Revolver), Mangaka  combines the fun of making comics (and sharing them with your friends!) with the strategies of a great card game you’ll want to play again and again.

  • 136 Theme Cards inspired by the worlds of anime and manga, such as Giant Monsters, Love Triangles, Ninja, Cats, Weird Gestures and Poses, Nuclear Physics, Tea, and many more
  • 52 Trend Cards to tempt readers and challenge artists, such as Kawaii, Otaku, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Shonen Manga, Shojo Manga and so many more
  • Buy it from Japanime Games or Mock Man Press and get the free “Decadent Heart” expansion with new Themes and Trends
  • Fame Tokens and 64 pages of Drawing Paper (download more here)
  • Fully compatible with Cartooner!

Buy Mangaka from Mock Man Press or, if you’re a retailer, buy it directly from Japanime Games!

Check out this Mangaka playthrough by Loading Ready Live!

“This fantastic new game combines the frantic drawing of Pictionary with the creative storytelling of Once Upon a Time…It has one of the most important qualities a game can have: it’s just fun.”—Gregory Marques, Game Designer


Art by Eric “Woof” Muentes